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Also, if you let me know if you use any of these in a published adventure, it would make me very happy!

I also have stat blocks for Cairn here

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Hatzegopteryx (Huge beast, CR 5)

Utahraptor, wild (Medium beast, CR 2)

Utahraptor, domestic (Medium beast, CR 1/2)

Mercenary Cavalry (Small or medium humanoid, CR 1/2)

Wasteland Skirmisher (Small or medium humanoid, CR 2)

Dragonborn Scout (Medium humanoid, CR 1/2)

Dragonborn Berserker (Medium humanoid, CR 1)

Dragonborn Warlock (Medium humanoid, CR 2)

Giant Sundew (Medium plant, CR 1/2)

Bog Corpse (Medium undead, CR 1)

Awakened tree, bog (Large plant, CR 1)

Ancient bog-beast (Huge undead, CR 3)

Updated March 2021