Stat blocks for Cairn

Some stat blocks for humans in Cairn. Usually not for fighting, but relationships with strangers can become complicated.

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Generate a band of traveling villagers

1-2 farmers 2d6 villagers + 1d6 pack horses. Traveling a short distance
3 foresters 2d6 villagers, 1d4-1 hunting dogs* Have traveled far and might know useful rumours
4 nomadic 2d6 + 4 villagers, 1d4 hunting dogs*, 2d4 pack horses
5 pilgrims 2d6 villagers, 1d6 acolytes*, 1d2 mercenaries, 1d2 merchants selling religious items (do not roll for companions). 1 in 6 chance of a noble with a knight.
6 market day 2d6 villagers + 1d6 pack horses. Roll a d8 on the merchant table d4 times


4 HP, farm implement (d6)

Will not fight unless there is absolutely no other option.

Pack horse or mule

2 HP, 14 STR, 6 WIL, kick (d6)

Must make a morale check every time it takes damage.

Can pull a cart or wagon.


Highway mercenary

8 HP, 1 Armor, 12 STR, 12 WIL, sword (d8)

A slightly more respectable type of mercenary, typically hired by merchants and other travelers as protection on a journey. Could be good work for an adventuring party as well.

Commonly experts in a particular route and its dangers, with a preference for avoiding danger where possible.

Cost twice as much as typical hirelings, but will only be willing to provide protection and guidance on a particular route according to a pre-determined agreement.


4 HP, 8 STR, 8 WIL, Dagger (d6)

Generate a traveling merchant:

1-2 Food Rations, salt pack. 1d4-1 porters OR 1d4 pack horses, 1d2 guards OR 1d6 other merchants of the same type.
3 As 1-2, but roll on the expeditionary gear table to find one unexpected thing they have.
4 As above, but with the tools table.
5 As above, but with the trinkets table.
6 Cheap bottle, cards, dice, twine, air bladder, sack, chalk, glue, sealant, latern and oil. 1d4 -1 merchants of the same type.
7 Hunter large traps, rope, tinderbox, fishing rod, glue, grease, net, rations. 1d2 porters OR 1d4 merchants of the same type.
8 Barber antitoxin, repellent, face paint, mirrors, perfume, soap, sponge. Can perform minor healing. 1d2 guards OR 1d4 merchants of the same type.
9 Smith grappling hook, pick, bellows, chisel, cook pots, crowbar, drill, hammer, file, nails, saw, shovel, tongs 1d4 -1 other merchants
10 Religious items holy water, incense, wolfsbane, spirit ward. 1 in 4 chance of a spellbook. 1d4 -1 other merchants and their companions, 1d4-1 guards
11 Armorer roll 3x on weapons table, and once on the armor and on the hemets and shield table. 1d4 -1 other merchants and their companions, 1d6 + 3 guards, 1d4 pack horses
12 Luxury face paint, marbles, horn, hourglass, incense, mirror, oilskin bag, spyglass, quill and ink. 1 in 4 chance of a spellbook. 1d4 other merchants, 1d6+3 guards, 1d4 porters OR 1 pack horse


4 HP, 13 Str, Staff (d6)

Strong, but usually not interested in fighting.

Can be hired to carry things (as a hireling), but may be unwilling to fight. In addition to personal possessions, can carry 4 slots of items, or 6 if they go slow.



4 HP, 3 armor, longsword (d10)

1 in 4 chance of knowing a random spell

Treat as detatchments when appropriate:

1 Accompanied by 1d4 militia and 1d2 -1 war horses.
2 Accompanied by 3 + 1d6 militia, 1d4 pack horses
3 Accompanied by one sworn knight and 2 war horses.
4 Accompanied by 3 + 1d6 militia, one sworn knight, 1d2 war horses, 1d4 pack horses.
5 Hunting party. Accompanied by 1d4 sworn knights, 1d4 hunting dogs, 1d4 hawks. All humans mounted on a war horse.
6 Great lord. Accompanied by 1d4 sworn knights, 2 + 2d6 militia, 2d6 porters, 2d4 pack horses, 1d4 war dogs. The knights and lord are each mounted on a war horse.

War horse

6 HP, 1 Armor, 14 STR, 12 WIL, Trample (d8)

Not scared by noise or battle. Can be ridden in battle. Costs 200 gp to buy.

Can carry up to 4 slots of items, if not mounted, but are usually ridden.

If they fail a morale check or are killed, the rider is thrown and misses a turn.


5 HP

1 armor and halberd OR

2 armor and spear OR

1 armor and crossbow

Generally farmers who have been conscripted by nobles and given some training.


10 HP, 12 STR, 14 WIL, 3 armour, Longsword (d10)

Sworn to a particular noble and will fight as long as they are alive (or fail a morale check). If they flee, they become outlaws.



5 HP, 14 WIL, cudgel (d6).

Knows a random spell.


8 HP, 14 WIL, cudgel (d6).

A spellbook: choose one: 1: beast form, 2: control plants, 3: control weather, 4: cure wounds, 5: scry, 6:sleep.

Some hermits are just ordinary people, but this one is more than they appear.

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