Létatujé - the land of the Tujé

This is the setting for my adventure, In The Land of the Dead God. I have a series of future things to publish planned, but for now I'm doing a lot of my planning and worldbuilding on this site.

This setting is intended for fantasy adventure games like D&D, 13th age, and hopefully eventually other systems. It's a post-apocalyptic region, where there was previously a powerful kingdom which discovered advanced and now-forgotten magic, which was then destroyed when its patron god was killed. Now, livestock and crops no longer grow, and most of the original inhabitants have fled, but some remain in scattered communities. Large, feathered creatures, which bear a strong resemblance to the dinosaurs of our world, have replaced the animals that lived here before the cataclysm.

Despite the dangers in this land, adventurers come from far and wide, and scattered communities remain. It's an important trade route, the only path through a mountain range, and there's always work for those who can wield swords or spells. Ancient knowledge and strange magical items remain hidden in the ruins, though many are best left buried. And if you are trying to escape something and start a new life somewhere else, it's a great place to disappear.

Updated March 2021