An early draft of an oracle deck

I have a bunch of half-complete projects right now which I'll probably put up as blog posts to motivate me to eventually finish them. Here's a possible oracle deck that I've been working on.

I've been really enjoying oracle decks - Perplexing Ruins' one for Fallen is really good, and I think Levi Kornelsen working on one more or less publicly is what pushed me over the edge to actually start writing stuff down.

This one is kind of for Cairn, or more precisely for my not precisely defined game setting that I associate with Cairn. It's mostly fairly grounded, based around the lives of ordinary people who maybe have to go out and solve dangerous problems but also need to sew and mend and plant and harvest. It's also not exactly medieval Europe. It's not exactly any specific place that isn't medieval Europe either.

I'm kind of thinking of each thing being a tool.

The Needle

Person: a caretaker, an artisan

Danger: small, sharp, overlooked. An insect.

Element: smallness

The Net

Person: sailor, fisher

Element: the sea

Danger: Big, ensnaring, hard to escape

The mirror

Person: a wealthy person

Element: appearance, beauty, sight

Danger: Not as it appears

The candle

Person: A religious figure

Element: fire

Danger: starts small, grows quickly if not addressed

The arrow

Person: an athlete

Danger: something fast, agile or sudden (or literally, archers)

Element: speed, air

The cookpot

Person: a provider, a quartermaster, a social leader

Element: food

Danger: a large number. Social power.

The staff or walking stick

Person: a traveler

Danger: something unusual or out of its element

Element: distance

The loom

Person: a wise person, a storyteller

Element: Creation

Danger: magical

The horn

Person: a guard, a watcher

Element: Sound

Danger: something new, something unexpected, much bigger than before

The plough

Person: a farmer

Element: plants, spring

Danger: plants

Extra incomplete ideas

The knife

Danger: your biggest enemy

The waterskin

Person: ???

Element: fresh water

Danger: lacking something essential

The tally stick

Person: a merchant

Element: ???

Danger: A debt is due (could be metaphorical)

The tankard

Person: a friend Element: ??? Danger: ???

The grinding stone

Danger: brute strength

The snare

Person: a hunter, a rogue

Danger: The safe and familar has become dangerous

The bell

Person: a leader, a shepherd

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Written Dec 3 2023